BIM 4 Placement

European project "BIM 4PLACEMENT European Key competences in building and construction"

BIM project is a capacity building project in the area of VET education, promoting cooperation and partnerships among 6 organizations (VET provider, Regional Authority, 2 universities, private company, European Association) and providing new methods for delivering training addressed to a variety of target groups.

Countries involved: Italy, Finland, Norway + one partner active all over Europe.

The project general aim is to deepen knowledge about Building Information Modelling (BIM) as a skills' development training subject for employability goals, upgrading existing training tools and professional qualifications and creating a network to promote work-based learning with special attention to apprenticeship.

BIM can be defined as a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places. BIM softwares are used to plan, design, construct, operate and maintain many kinds of buildings and infrastructures. In Europe BIM is becoming more and more studied in VET schools, VET courses and university courses and applied in companies. It is becoming a new specialization with a high rate of employability.

In Italy this methodology is not jet sufficiently known and spread, while in other EU countries, especially in northern Europe, BIM is already very well know and used: Finland  is one of the earliest adopters of BIM, and it has been for years at the forefront of Building Information Modelling; in other northern european countries like Norway BIM research and development goes back to more than twenty years ago, and nowadays it’s one of the leading Countries using BIM with one of the European highest implementation of BIM among architects and installators.

Considering the lack of homogeneous tools validated at European level for training in BIM, this project has the aim of building a bridge between Northern Europe and Southern Europe: Italy will have the opportunity to learn from the European best experiences and consequently update the professional qualification related to building and construction design, while Finland and Norway will have the opportunity to enlarge their international BIM-related network of institution and companies and update their knowledge from mutual exchange of best practices. All together partners will create an innovative tool for training beginners in BIM in a wide range of training environments: high school, VET center, university and companies.

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The kick-off meeting of BIM project has been organized by Centoform in November 2016. Here some pictures taken during the meeting.

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