CoTraiN 2016-2019

The Erasmus+ Belgium National Agency approved the project proposal named “CoTraiN – Create Collaborative Training Networks” involving Centoform VET Centre as Italian partner in a European consortium together with Belgium, Germany and Austria. The CEPAG (Belgium) will coordinate German (inab) and Austrian (öibf) partners which will coach Italian (Centoform) and Belgian partners (IFAPME and CEFA) building collaborative training pilot projects. We are all participating in the development of the system in our countries.  Training agencies, trade unions and enterprises will collaborate for the next three years from September 2016 to create innovative actions related to in-company training. Innovative and experimental activities of trainees and apprenticeships rotation between companies will be displayed in a European framework for sharing practices and exchanges of information aimed at increasing youth employment, improving the knowledge and skills of future workers and to increase openness and competitiveness of European enterprises towards forms of Dual-system training, from compulsory schooling and throughout the whole learning cycle.

Several countries (Austria, Germany, Switzerland) have developed efficient alternative and complementary models by implementing collaborative trainings. A collaborative training means that a company provides vocational training together with one or more firm(s).

The project, formally supported by our Emilia Romagna County, will provide for the creation of guide lines and methodology for businesses, training institutions, schools, governmental agencies, and the impact on four European nations involved starting from the Dual system models of Germany and Austria, countries of European inspiration for work-based learning practices. Simultaneously international and regional meetings will be organized in order to sensitize the business community, schools, young people on project opportunities and competitive advantages for our companies in support of school-work based pathways.

In Italy we will focus on learners attending post-secondary VET training courses (namely ITS, IFTS in Italy) on mechanical subjects. The testing region, Emilia Romagna, northern Italy is characterized by a technical backbone made of mechanical industries (packaging, engines, metal work, mechanical engineering) representing the main employment sector.

We have been conceiving and discussing with local companies and our Regional VET authority 4 kind of Collaborative training Networks (CTNs) applied to different post-secondary EQF levels (18-30 years old), in order to choose the most significant and sustainable for the testing phase since September 2017 up to 2018. Another CTN under discussion might be on under 17 years old vocational learners. The Regional VET Authority, pushed by innovation brought by CoTraiN principles, agreed on experimenting a CTN on the IVth and last year of compulsory regional vocational training named IeFP for students aged 17 years old. In order to experiment the rotation of students in companies a second regional VET centre, owned by public authorities, and delivering IeFP courses from 15 to 17 years old will be involved, on own contributions, thanks to the regional authority support.

Project results will be disseminated during project implementation at local and European level and within the European Alliance for Apprenticeships, being Centoform an official member.

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Centoform VET Centre is currently involved as lead partner in other 4 Erasmus+ projects, 2 as leader and 2 as partner.

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