Caronte Project

Via a multifaceted team composed by multidisciplinary professionals coming from all corners of the knowledge triangle, the objective of this project is to design, pilot and disseminate with-in companies that operate in the raw materials sector and that focus their activities on recycling a substitution themes innovative approaches and strategies in retrieving, effectively organizing and properly sharing (among colleagues) scientific and technical information regarding the science and innovation frontiers, in order to speed up the time-to-market of innovative products.

The scope of the project is based on three pillars:

  • web-searching process of scientific information;

  • communication of relevant information to others and building collaborative knowledge in a team through digital knowledge tools;

  • understanding and evaluation of the potential of digital tools to solve information problems.

In this framework, the identified key deliverables are: blended learning programmes (based on case studies provided by companies’ innovators) dedicated to the target audience (SMEs R&D managers/directors and R&D&I consultants), e-learning modules as well as educational materials and resources.

CARONTE intends to broaden the knowledge of professionals, educating SMEs R&D managers/directors and R&D&I consultants who, within their companies or companies’ portfolio, should be able to drive innovation based on a comprehensive knowledge of the state of the art of science and technology. Professionals will learn how to identify scientific and technical information relevant for their business and determine how innovation may be applied to their business in order to evolve products or services and transform the business model, anticipating competitors.

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